Monday, January 26, 2009

Been Quiet Around Here.

Lately, the weather has been so ridiculously hot that I haven't been interested in doing much except sitting around with as little clothing on as possible. Oh, and drinking cool sweet things while reading. Thankfully, the reading has been for a purpose other than post holiday letdown. It's been too many months since I've written anything so I've re-read three of my favourite paranormal romance series to get back into the proper mindset. It seems to have worked because I'm brainstorming and dreaming about my stories again...even if when I sit down to write I have no words as of yet. Damn pregnancy brain!

Yes. I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant. And it's NOT been good for my writing at all!

Pregnancy brain has not only given me the ability to substitute odd words in the most embarrassing places (I'm off to the Vet's for a checkup.) but it also regularly gives me the astounding ability to talk using words of no greater than two syllables. (I can't do backstroke any more because of the thing where you float too high out of the water: And for those of you playing along at home...that would be bouyancy.) Honestly, It's like I have the world's worst and fastest case of tip-of-the-tongueitis! I know I know the words I want to find but my brain blurts out a much simpler...(thinks REALLY hard)...synonym. Phew! But that probably means I'm screwed for the rest of the week now! lol

Funny thing is, when I'm doing crosswords, brain teasers or other word puzzles, my brain works. It's only during normal conversation that I have these total brain farts. And I can visualise scenes in my head, sometimes, but then when I go to write them down...there's no words. About now I'm starting to pray really hard that my brain comes back after baby is born!

My creativity has been limited to cooking new recipes and learning to crochet. And at the moment, my husband does a better job than me at both of those too! Sheesh. Although since making wontons and potstickers/gyoza is a fiddly business, just like crochet, I'm really not surprised he does better than me at those. He's really good with fine details.

The main reason I'm writing today, other than to update you a little with what's been going on, is to publically declare my intentions to finish the kitchen scene involving Radha and Sahil. Yes, finish it. And finish it by the end of February.

Please don;t laugh too hard, a girl's gotta challenge herself once in awhile ya know! I wonder if promising to give you weekly updates will also motivate my muse to play along with this challenge....